Preparing for Phase 2

Royal Rabbit Wines for Reopening Prep

Once the governor says it is ok to open the tasting room again we will implement the following procedures:

1) We have adjusted the tasting room so all the tables have a 6-foot distance.

2) We will wash our hands before serving each customer.

3) We are controlling the humidity based on CDC guidelines to minimize the spread of the coronavirus and keep the tables clear of any extra objects.

4) Instead of pouring each individual glass at the table from a bottle of wine, we will keep the wine behind the counter and pour individual glasses away from our guests. If someone would prefer, we can give you your own wine glass to transfer the wine from the glass we serve to one that is untouched by even us. By doing this, we will keep the bottles of wine as isolated as possible to minimize the chance of any cross-contamination.

Please give us a call at 443-721-6693 with any questions or concerns you may have.